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Grönlandsresor AB
Rastaholms Allé 27
178 90 Ekerö

tel 08-556 269 70

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A roundtrip in the Disko Bay area, 5 days (4211)

Experience five different places within the Disko bay area, in the same amount of days. Ilulissat - the town of icebergs, Ilimanaq – a small and genuine fishing village, Oqaatsut – an old whaling community, Ataa - an abandoned village that is now a wilderness camp and Eqi glacier. This tour does not include flights so you can choose to fly from Copenhagen via Kangerlussuaq or via Reykjavik, why not take different routs on the outbound and inbound flights.

Ilulissat is a town with 5000 inhabitants and at least as many sledge dogs. This is where we stay, in a hotel or B&B, before and after the tour in the Disko bay area.
Ilulissat means iceberg in Greenlandic. That is not a surprise for those who have visited the town. Ilulissat I beautifully placed at the mouth of the 50 kilometer long ice fjord. The Kangia glacier fills the fjord with huge icebergs and is the most productive glacier in the Northern Hemisphere.

This tour takes us to five places in the Disko Bay area that are quite different from each other. You will experience the town life in Ilulissat with it’s 5000 inhabitant and at least as many dogs.
The small and genuine fishing village Ilimanaq is placed south of Ilulissat ice fjord and has about 80 inhabitants. It has a beautiful small church. We will eat lunch at a Greenlandic family’s place.
The even smaller village Oqaatsut was founded by Dutch whalers in the 19th century. The Danish name Rodebay is still in frequent use. The village has a school, a shop, a church and the restaurant H8. We’ll have lunch at the restaurant.

Foto: Airie Sjöberg, Grönlandsresor AB
Iceberg Photo: Airie Sjöberg

Ataa is an old abandoned village that has been turned in to a wilderness camp. There is fishing equipment and kayaks to be used for free. The camp is beautifully placed by the fjord and the area is well suited for hikes. We will spend two nights here. There is no electricity but it’s possible to shower in hot water for a fee.

Eqi is suited just by the glacier Eqip Sermia, an enormous wall of ice meeting the sea. We have the possibility to sail close to the glacier and see the spectacular calving of ice. The sound of the ice breaking is like thunder.

Since the flights are not included it’s possible to tailor your trip. You could spend some days extra in Ilulissat or Kangerlussuaq. If you fly via Reykjavik you can take the opportunity to enjoy a bit of Iceland, for example the Blue Lagoon.

Click here to read about excursions in Ilulissat

 Travel dates (4211)
  2017: (Availaibilty updated Nov 08, 2016)
Dates in red are fully booked
Dates in orange have few seats left
20, 27
4, 11, 17, 26
3, 12, 19
 Price per person: (Euro)
  Hotel or B & B: 1400:-

Single room supplement in hotel (not in Ataa): 150:-
(No single supplement in B&B)


 The price includes

• Midnight sailing to Ilulissat ice fjord
• 2 nights in hotel or B&B including breakfast in Ilulissat
• 2 nights in Ataa wilderness camp
• Boat sightseeing on day 2-4 (see itinerary) including full board except dinner last day
• Guided town walk in Ilulissat (in English)
• Transfer on arrival and departure from airport
• All taxes and fees

 The price do not include
  • Flights
• Travel- and cancellation insurance

Max 12 and min 8 guests per departure

To book the tour or to contact us for any queries, just send us an email at
or give us a call at +46-8-55626970


Day 1 - Ilulissat ice fjord
Arrival to Ilulissat. You will be picked up on the airport and transferred to your hotel or B&B. A guide will welcome you, give you information about the tour and take you on a guided walk in Ilulissat.

In the evening we do a sailing to Ilulissat ice fjord, one of the main attractions i Greenland. The glacier Kangia produces 20 million ton of icebergs every day, all year round! The result is enormous icebergs that rises up to 100 meters above sea level. During the sailing you will experience this fantastic creations. You will get close enough to the icebergs to understand how huge they really are. Accommodation in Ilulissat.

Den ultimata upplevelsen i Ilulissat är Isfjorden. Här produceras inte mindre än 20 miljoner ton is – per dygn! Isen kalvar under öronbedövande brak och enorma isberg föds. En enkel vandringstur går till den 4000 år gamla boplatsen Sermermiut, som ligger vid Isfjordens mynning.

Day 2 - Ilimanaq
The boat to Ilimanaq departures after breakfast. After exploring the village we will eat lunch in the home of a Greenlandic family. In the afternoon we sail towards Ataa, an abandoned village, where we spend the night in cabins. Dinner and accommodation in Ataa.

Day 3 - Eqi
We sail about 30 kilometers to the Eqi and the Eqip Sermia glacier. The inland ice has an edge that is five kilometer wide. You get close and can see the ice calving icebergs of different sizes. In the afternoon we go back to Ataa. You have the possibility to try kayaking, fishing or hiking. You can also just enjoy the nature. Dinner and accommodation in Ataa.

In Ataa you can use different tools for fishing or as on the picture to go kayaking among the ice bergs

Day 4 - Oqaatsut
After breakfast we sail towards Ilulissat. We stop for lunch in Oqaatsut, an old whaling village. We get to Ilulissat in the afternoon and have time to see more of the town.

If we are lucky we might see a whale or two during our time in the boat. In the picture there is a humpback whale but also fin whales, blue whales, mink whales, orcas and the Greenlandic whale populate the area.

Day 5 - Departure
Transfer to the airport.

Terms & conditions
Read the T&C here


På svenska

Excursions in Ilulissat

The Greenlandic national dress is widely used even today.

There are almost the same number of dogs that there are humans in Ilulissat. The Greenlandic dog are the only allowed dog north of the Arctic Circle because it is a specialized dog sledge dog that are very well suited for the climate. They do not like to mix up those genes with E.G. poodles. During the summer time the dogs have vacation and are either in a dog farm or moving freely on an inhabitant island.

Icebergs in different shapes

A humpback whale is diving in front of an iceberg

Casa Rossa (H9) i Ataa

The "restaurant" in Ataa is beautiful located and is famous for its well prepared meals.

Iceberg i the fog Photo: Monica Larsson

Foto: Airie Sjöberg, Grönlandsresor AB
A curious arctic fox are wondering what's going on Photo: Airie Sjöberg

Foto: Airie Sjöberg, Grönlandsresor AB
Whale in sight! Photo: Airie Sjöberg

Foto: Airie Sjöberg, Grönlandsresor AB
Photo: Airie Sjöberg

Foto: Airie Sjöberg, Grönlandsresor AB
Photo: Airie Sjöberg

Foto: Airie Sjöberg, Grönlandsresor AB
Photo: Airie Sjöberg