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  Karta över Grönland

Grönlandsresor AB
Rastaholms Allé 27
178 90 Ekerö

tel 08-556 269 70

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Information about Grönlandsresor

"Grönlandsresor" translates to "Greenland Travel" and that name suits us very well. We are specialists in arranging tours to Greenland and we do all kind of tours.

On this web most information is in Swedish but contact us by mail and tell us what you are looking for and we will give you a prompt reply. We also tailor make tours both for individuals and groups.

We have a great experience of arranging conferences and incentive tours for companies and groups from all corners of the world.

Below we have listed the international departures we have with English speaking guides for the moment.

We are as member of SRF - The Association of Swedish Travel Agents and Tour operators. We also have lodged the stipulated travel guarantee to Kammarkollegiet, so you are protected, for the unlikely event that we should go bankrupt while you are travelling with us. You can read more about the travel guarantee here.

You can read about how we use your personal data here: Personal data policy & Use of cookies

2022 - Culture and icebergs - Nuuk and Ilulissat, 8 days (1141)

This special journey offers you a unique combination of travelling by both domestic flight and coastal vessel along the west coast of Greenland as well as experiencing the most popular locations and towns in Greenland. And you have a tour guide with you during the journey. We have selected the best experiences; the Ice Cap in Kangerlussuaq, the capital city of Nuuk and not least Ilulissat in the Disco Bay area at the UNESCO site – the world-famous ice fjord.
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2021 - Horseback riding in southern Greenland, 8 days (4014)

Using the Icelandic horse we will be making a six day trip by horseback between different sheep farms and experience icebergs and the lush nature of the area around Qassiarsuk in southern Greenland.
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2022/2023 - The The last frontier - Kayak expeditions in the north of Greenland, 20 days (4019)

This is a expeditions in its true sense! We let boats or helicopter take us from Upernavik further north out in the wilderness into the Melville Bay. During the expedition we also do some hiking. We might catch some arctic char, fjord cod and clams.
The days are long when the sun never goes down! So we can take the time we believe we need. If we find something during the way we will explore it. Hopefully we will encounter some whales and seals and we will pass some enormous bird cliffs.
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2022 - The Greenlandic kayak expedition in Upernavik, 12 days (4018)

In the Greenlandic wilderness, far in the north, 600 km north of the polar circle is the small village of Upernavik. The area is perfect for kayaking. There is a bay with over one hundred islands and the weather is stabile with little wind or waves. Ten small communities are spread out over the area and the large and active Upernavik Icefjord. Travel with us to this magnificent area on a true arctic adventure where we will explore an area that few have been to before us!
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2022 - Kayak and trekking in South Greenland, 15 days (2050)

160 km of navigation, among icebergs and glaciers in complete autonomy. Visit of different glacier fronts, ascent to the great ice cap, polar fauna, northern lights.
Using soundless kayaks and in total freedom, we will travel across part of the Arctic, surrounded by a spectacular setting of icebergs and glaciers.

A genuine expedition, in kayak and on foot, without a support boat to disturb the harmony of the trip, in total contact with the magical environment of one of our planet’s last frontiers.

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2022 - Kayaking and trekking in South Greenland, 8 days (2052)

The perfect combination in the south of Greenland. 8 days in the southern part of the world's largest island, in complete contact with nature, combining trekking with kayaking, surrounded by an awe-inspiring landscape of blue-tinged icebergs and tundra!
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2021 - The great adventure in South Greenland, 15 days (2053)

Probably the most complete journey you can do in South Greenland including the best treks in the tundra, an unforgettable excursion on Greenland’s ice sheet, and the biggest and most beautiful mountains and granite walls in Greenland - Ketil and Ulamertorssuaq, in Tasermiut fjord, which are considered one of the ten wonders of the whole Arctic.
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2021 - Adventure in South Greenland, 8 days (2054)

On this tour in the beautiful South Greenland; an area full of history and fantastic nature. We use zodiacs to reach different areas were we will do day tour trekking from our camps. We put on crampons when our knowledgeable glacier guide leads us up on to the ice cap. Come with us to a trekking adventure in the arctic paradise!
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2021 - Bike and hike and kayaking in South Greenland, 12 days (2056)

In this active tour we are going to use a very quiet means of transport: hiking shoes, kayak paddles and mountain bike pedals, to shorten the distances between the fjords of southern Greenland without disturbing the wilderness with any engine noise: bird’s eye view of the glaciers in the mountains of Mellem (hiking), partly submerged icebergs in the Sermilik fjord (kayaking) and a tour through the farms of the Eriksfjord (“Greenland mountain biking”).
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2021 - Super jeep adventure in Iceland, 3 days  (5600)

With super jeeps, that are so characteristic for Iceland, we will get to places that is not reachable with the normal bus tours.
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