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Grönlandsresor AB
Rastaholms Allé 27
178 90 Ekerö

tel 08-556 269 70

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Horseback riding in southern Greenland, 8 days (4014)

Using the Icelandic horse we will be making a six day trip by horseback between different sheep farms and experience icebergs and the lush nature in the area around Qassiarsuk in southern Greenland.

(Click to enlarge)

The areas where we will be travelling are historical lands with many traces of the old Norse settlers. It was here that Erik the Red once lived. He was the one who originally named Greenland and the origin of the name is abundantly clear during summertime when the valleys are overflowing with life.

(Click to enlarge)

The trip will take place over eight days, of which six will be spent on horseback. The Icelandic horses used during the trip are of local stock and are used as workhorses by the local sheep farmers in the area during the fall to gather the herds. Exotic local wildlife that thrive in the area and that we might encounter include the sea eagle.

In the village of Qassiarsuk we will visit the ruins and the reconstructed farm of Erik the Red. We will stay at a hostel and try out our horses and gear before starting our six day long adventure on horseback. During the days we will be travelling between different hostels and sheep farms who will serve dinner upon arrival. One of the places we will be passing by is called Tasiusaq and presides over the beautiful, ice fjord Sermilik. We will finish the journey with a Greenlandic barbeque in Qassiarsuk (that might be changed to one of the other days).

What do previous travellers say?

"We would like to give some feedback from our Greenland tour with horse back riding 2013. We had eight fantastic days together with three new friends from Germany

The horses was incredibly talented. We noted that the relation to the horse is different in Greenland compared to home.

A special tribute would've give to our eminent guide, Jytte. She really is the right person in the right place. Knowledgeable, responsive, sympathetic and helpful. Take care of her.

Jytte has in a delightful way healed our lack of knowledge about Greenland.

The arrangement to live at the sheep farms, the homes of our hosts, was perfect.

Best regards from two satisfied travellers
Charlotte Bjäreborn and Richard Wigvall"

"We are very pleased by the trip. The hospitality, the guides, the food and the riding itinerary were all great. We would love to make the same trip again! The Greenlandic nature was radiantly beautiful and on top of which we were fortunate enough to enjoy constant sunshine throughout the entire trip."
/Karina Djurner

"I would like to start by expressing my gratitude for a fantastic trip! It revolves in my mind perpetually and I am in no way finished with the Greenlandic experience." /Kajsa Andresson.

 Dates (4014)
August 11 - 18

If you are a group between 4-6 persons we might be able to open up an additional group.

Minimum 4 and maximum 6 participants per trip

 Price (Euro)
  2 500 €

Flights are not included in the price. You can travel to Greenland via Reykjavik or Copenhagen. We can help you book flights if you wish. Contact us for more info.

 Price includes
  • Boat transfer Narsarsuaq - Qassiarsuk return
• Riding trip according to itinerary
• Full board from dinner, day 1 to breakfast day 8
• Luggage transfer between the different farms
• Overnight at sheep farm/hostel, 7 nights
• Local guide/horse handler during the ride

To book the tour or to contact us for any queries, just send us an email at
or give us a call at +46-8-55626970

Day 1 - Arrival
Arrival to Narsarsuaq during the day. From Narsarsuaq we will be travelling by ship to Qassiarsuk. We will then proceed to testing the horses and gear that we will be bringing along on the actual horse riding trip. During the day we will also visit the ruins as well the reconstructed farm of Erik the Red before having dinner. The night will be spent in a hostel.

Day 2-6 – On horseback
Each separate day we will spend five to six hours travelling by horseback. We will bring packed lunches each day and when we arrive to the sheep farms/hostels our luggage will be there and dinner will be served before we retire.

Photo: Pamela & Sven Eckelhardt

Foto: Sabine Altersberger

Foto: Sabine Altersberger

Foto: Sabine Altersberger

Foto: Sabine Altersberger


Day 7 – Riding and Greenlandic barbeque
We return late in the afternoon to Qassiarsuk where we celebrate our arrival with a nice Greenlandic barbeque. The night will be spent at hostel.

Day 8 - Flight home
After breakfast we make the short boat ride over the fjord to Narsarsuaq and then flights to either Copenhagen or Reykjavik.

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Photo: Anders Ulrich la Cour Vahl

Photo: Anders Ulrich la Cour Vahl

Photo: Kevin O´Hara

Photo: Anders Ulrich la Cour Vahl

Foto: Sabine Altersberger