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Kayak expedition in Upernavik, northern Greenland, 15 days (4018)

In the Greenlandic wilderness, far in the north, 600 km north of the polar circle is the small village of Upernavik. The area is perfect for kayaking. There is a bay with over one hundred islands and the weather is stabile with little wind or waves. Ten small communities are spread out over the area and the large and active Upernavik Icefjord. Travel with us to this magnificent area on a true arctic adventure where we will explore an area that few have been to before us!

This is an expedition in the true sense of the word. We will travel and explore different areas around Upernavik, eating newly caught fish and clams directly from the beach. We will be kayaking into the icefjord and zigzag between the icebergs. Maybe we will even see and meet a whale or two. For this year we plan to do a little bit more hiking than we done previously.

With us on the expedition is our local kayaking guide and instructor Sören Nikolaj Sörensen. Nikolaj was born in Odense, Denmark 1977 and have studied biology for many years. Shortly after finishing his degree he moved to Ilulissat and started working in its Hospital. Four months later he was employed as a bio-analytic by the department of Health in Upernavik. 2017 Nikolaj will have been living here for 12 years and has contacts in all the area. Nikolaj is a trained kayaking instructor and has, since 2008, been guiding kayaking-tourists and dog-sledge enthusiasts throughout the Upernavik area.

Here are some more pictures from 2011 tour.

NB! Please be aware that this trip requires you to be at least a moderate kayaker and experienced to handling sea-kayaks!

 Travel dates (4018)
*) June 23 - July 6  
July 8 - July 19 NB Shorter tour. Few seats left!
July 23 - August 6 Fully booked!

*) Departure with start from Keflavik and 1 day shorter

Let us know if you are interested of joining us on the summer of 2020. Send us a mail to and we will let you know when it is time to book.

 Price (Euro)
  June 23: From 3580 €

July 8: 3450€

July 23: 3680 €

Rental equipment (you can bring your own)
Tent: 63 €
Sleeping bag: 63 €
Sleeping mat: 52 €
Dry suit: 135 €

 Price include
  • Flight Copenhagen - Kangerlussuaq - Ilulissat - Upernavik r/t incl airport taxes and fees (or with start Keflavik on June 23)
• Use of kayak Prijon Seayak or similar with rudder. During 2019 we only have single kayaks.
• Use of paddle and skirt
• Use of life jacket
• All kayaks are equipped with:
  Spare paddle, safety line for paddle, toll line, small repair kit, pump.
• The group are equipped with:
  1 satellite phone for emergency, 1 gun, 1 GPS
• Full board during the kayak expedition
• 2 nights in Upernavik in a house
• Kayak expedition
• Guide during the kayak expedition.
 The price does not include
  • Meals outside the expedition.
• Entrance fees to museums etc.
• Tent (can be rented for 63 €), sleeping bag (63 €), sleeping mat (52 €), use of dry suite (can be rented for 135 €)
• Travel insurance that cover picking up in wilderness. This is mandatory for this trip.

Number of participants: Min 6 max 8 (12 with 2 guides)

To book the tour or to contact us for any queries, just send us an email at or give us a call at +46-8-55626970

NB! All prices are valid now but can be changed. Already booked tours do not normally ever change (see booking conditions).

Program 23 June
23 June Flight Keflavik, Iceland - Ilulissat
24 June Flight Ilulissat - Upernavik
25 June - 3rd of July. Kayaking and hiking
4th of July flight Upernavik - Ilulissat
4-6th of July, Ilulissat on your own
6th of July flight Ilulissat - Keflavik, Iceland

Flight schedule start 23 June:
1 GL719 G 23JUN 2305 Keflavik - Ilulissat 0015+1
2 GL1204 G 24JUN 1535 Ilulissat - Upernavik 1645
3 GL205 G 04JUL 1905 Upernavik - Ilulissat 2015
4 GL718 G 06JUL 1540 Ilulissat - Keflavik 2205

Itinaerary 23 July
This is an wildlife expedition trip so the itinerary is only preliminary. Weather and ice conditions and not to be forgotten; the participants curiosity can change the route. Flexibility is the key to make a successful expedition!

Day 1: Departure
Flight from Copenhagen at 11:00 to Upernavik (via Kangerlussuaq and Ilulissat). First night in a house in Upernavik.

Day 2-13:
The kayaking will start in Upernavik travelling towards the village Aapilattoq that are situated beautiful at the icefjord. We then cross the icefjord and explore that area. We will visit small settlements before returning back to Upernavik. We might get to Kingigtorssuaq where the northernmost rune stone was found, proving the Vikings went this far north. The kayaking will be adapted, as usual, according to wind and weather and you will, of course, be involved in the planning of the expedition.

Here you see one example of a route we might do. (Click to enlarge)

The last night is spent in a house in Upernavik.

Day 13:
Back in Upernavik.

Day 14:
Flight to Copenhagen via Ilulissat and Kangerlussuaq

Day 15:
Nightflight - landing at Copenhagen early morning at 05:55.

Terms & conditions
Read the T&C here



På svenska

The planned route, but weather and wind might us take other ways. (Click to enlarge)

Kayaking between the icebergs

Prepairing the departure

Greenlandic frying pan!

The small village Aapilattoq

Foto: Bengt Tydén
Greenlandic kayaks in Ilulissat
Photo: Bengt Tydén

Welcome to our village!

Dinner for tonight!

Dinner secured on the rear deck!

We are using Prijon Seakayak with rudder

On the way back to Upernavik