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The last frontier - Kayak expeditions in the north of Greenland, 20 days (4019)

This is a expeditions in its true sense! We let boats or helicopter take us from Upernavik further north out in the wilderness into the Melville Bay. During the expedition we also do some hiking. We might catch some arctic char, fjord cod and clams.
The days are long when the sun never goes down! So we can take the time we believe we need. If we find something during the way we will explore it. Hopefully we will encounter some whales and seals and we will pass some enormous bird cliffs.

When this is a true expedition, the following program is just a plan that easily can be changed during the expedition. The weather, the ice and the participants ideas and curiosity have great impact on the route.

You need to have a flexible attitude to join this adventure and for sure there will be a lot of changes along the trip.

We will take a helicopter or or boat in northern direction from Upernavik to a very remote inuit settlement named Kullorsuaq (The Devils Thumb).

From that remote northern settlement our kayak expedition starts. Please look at the map here on the right (click to enlarge).

As the map shows we paddle in northern direction into the big Melville Bay. In this part of Melville Bay there is very remote and without any settlements.

The area is known for a rich wildlife in the summertime. Narwhales and a lot of seals are common guests as well as a lot of bird species.

On this kayak expedition we will hike to the icecap that covers over 80% of the Greenlandic continent. On the kayak expedition we will cross several icefjords on the way and see uncountable numbers of icebergs in all shapes and sizes. We paddle in total approximately 150 km on this expedition with day tours around 10 - 25 km.

We will end the kayak expedition round tour in the same place as we started and then take the helicopter (or boat)back to Upernavik.

In Upernavik city there will it be possible to visit the museum and see many local artefacts from the past and local Greenlandic kayaks and paddles.

The days are long when the sun never goes down! So we can take the time we believe we need. If we find something during the way we will explore it. Hopefully we will encounter some whales and seals and we will pass some bird cliffs.


Here on our Facebook page you will find pictures from an earlier expedition.

With us on the expedition is our local kayaking guide and instructor Sören Nikolaj Sörensen. Nikolaj was born in Odense, Denmark 1977 and have studied biology for many years. Shortly after finishing his degree he moved to Ilulissat and started working in its Hospital. Four months later he was employed as a bio-analytic by the department of Health in Upernavik. 2020 Nikolaj will have been living here for fifteen years and has contacts in all the area. Nikolaj is a trained kayaking instructor and has, since 2008, been guiding kayaking-tourists and dog-sledge enthusiasts throughout the Upernavik area, (Click on picture to enlarge).

NB! Please be aware that this trip requires you to be at least a moderate kayaker and experienced to handling sea-kayaks!

Click here to read about our shorter expeditions in the Upernavik area

 Travel dates (4019)

We will not do this trip in 2022, but we are aiming to do a similar expedition in 2023. There will be a maximum of 12 guests and we will take preliminary registrations starting now. We are aiming to start this trip 1st of August 2023.

The length of the expedition will be around 3 weeks and we will include a boat transfer to get us further north from Upernavik.

  ~6500 € / ~71500 SEK
 Price includes
  • Flight Copenhagen - Kangerlussuaq - Ilulissat - Upernavik r/t incl taxes and fees
• Boat or helicopter transport with kayaks to the starting point (and back to Upernavik)
• Use of kayak Prijon Seayak with rudder or similar. There is also one double kayak available, Prijon Excursion.
• Use of paddle and skirt.
• Use of life jacket
• Every kayak is also equipped with:
  Spare paddle, Safety line for the paddle, toll line, small repair kit, pump.
• For the whole group: 1 satellite telephone for emergencies, 1 rifle, 1 GPS
• Full board during the expedition
• 2 nights in Upernavik (there are no hotels or hostels)
• Kayak expedition
• Guide during the kayak expedition.
 Price does not includes
  • Meals during the time outside the kayak expedition.
• Entrance fees to museum etc.
• Tent, sleeping bag and sleeping mat and dry suit. Might be possible to rent. Contact us if you are interested.
• Travel and cancellation insurance.
NB! An travel insurance that cover picking up in wildernes is mandatory for this trip.

Number of participants: Min 6 max 7

NB! All prices are valid now but can be changed. Already booked tours do not normally ever change (see booking conditions).

30 July: Departure
Departure from Copenhagen 10:45 (prel) via Kangerlussuaq and Ilulissat to Upernavik at 18:20.

31 July - 1 August
We will go by boat or helicopter to our starting point for the expedition at Kullorsuaq where we will spend two nights in a hunters cabin.

2-11 August
Kayak expedition

12 or 13 August:
Transport by boat or helicopter to Upernavik.

14-17 August
Days spent in the area around Upernavik. Here we have some days, for a boat tour, hiking, fishing tour, kayaktour or whatever the group is up for. If helicopter is delayed from Kullorsuaq, we can still reach the flight to Ilulissat-Copenhagen... so 3 days is a buffer period.

17-18 August:
departure from Upernavik to Copenhagen via Ilulissat and Kangerlussuaq. We plan to be back at Copenhagen at 08:00 the 18th of August.


Terms & conditions
Read the T&C here







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Planerat upplägg. Helikoptertransporten kan bli med båt. (Klick för större version)

Kayaking among icebergs

Pack the kayaks and ready to go.

Greenlandic frying pan!

The small village Aapilattoq

Foto: Bengt Tydén
Photo: Bengt Tydén

Wellcome to our village! till vår by!


The dinner is fasten on the rear deck!

We are using EG Prijon Seakayak with rudder

On the way back to Upernavik