Spitsbergen Kayak camp, equipment list

Weather conditions during the period, June to August

• Average temperature approx. 5ΊC

• Daylight around the clock

• Cold wind is usual

• Early in the period, there are still snow-covered areas in the northern parts of Spitsbergen

• Even if there is very little rain, the ground is often wet due to melting snow

Equipment that every participant should have

• Backpack or bag for personal equipment

• Small backpack for day tours (if the weather is bad we do trekking on land instead)

• Sleeping bag good for temperatures down to -5ΊC / -10ΊC

• 1 pair hiking boots

• Mountain jacket (waterproof, windproof and breathing)

• Mountain trousers (waterproof, windproof and breathing)

• 2 warm hats (for paddling)

• Scarf or fleece-tube

• Neoprene or woollen gloves for paddling

• 2 sets of long underwear (longjohns and sweater, we recommend wool)

• Warm woollen sweater or fleece sweater-/jacket

• 2-3 pairs of warm socks (wool or similar quality)

• Water shoes or similar footwear for paddling

• 1 sets of indoor clothing for the stay in Longyearbyen and on the boat to/from the camp

• 1 pair of light shoes / trainers/ sandal to wear onboard the ship and in the camp (hiking boots is not

allowed to use inside MS Nordstjernen)

• Thermos bottle

• Bottle for cold water

• Sunglasses

• Toilet articles

In addition we recommend

• Thermarest sleeping-mat (we provide “normal” sleeping mats in the tents)

• Dry-bag to put personal equipment in when kayaking

• Down jacket for late evenings by the fireside outside (and on deck on MS Nordstjernen)

• Binoculars

• Camera (film is sold onboard ship, it is also possible to charge cameras on board)

• Pack your clothes in plastic bags to keep them dry.

• The base-camp is located close to the beach (20 m). Heavy luggage is therefore no problem.

• MS Nordstjernen has 220V for charging cameras etc. There is NO electricity in the camp.